RF amplifier help Coupling and such

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been staring at this for a while and wanted to verify a couple things...

First off, I feel that the stages are capacitvely coupled through C5

Second, Stage 1 is Plate neutralized via C3
Third, Stage 2 is Grid Nuetralized via C7

The final question I am doubting myself on...

What would be the effect of a short in C4?

A. reduced current to plate on V1
B. Rf out will be much reduced
C. Plate supply V will be shorted

In my mind, if the tank cap is shorted, then its primary result would be to make the output wave all screwy and thus B would be how I would answer.

I don't see the plate supply getting shorted since there are other caps in the way of that. But the problem is I can't entirely say why A might not happen so hence my apprehension.

Thanks a lot, I hope that I am at least on the right path with this stuff.




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Hello Paulo540,

If V1 load was so severely compromised I would think the plate current would rise - for the lack of an effective plate load. So A would not be true. I believe you are are correct regarding answer option C. So B is the logical choice.

I agree with your other observations regarding the circuit.