RF Amplifier Design

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    Dec 12, 2009
    Hi, at the university I have a following project to do:

    You must design, construct and measure the amplifier. The amplifier must be constructed on a
    small PCB using micro strip lines and discreet components.
    You must use a PCB with 0.8 mm substrat. This make the microstrips better suited for the small
    SMD components of size 1206 and 0805.
    You must use the MMIC (Microwave Integrated Circuit) MSA-0886, which we have in the
    component store.
    Since the MSA-0886 is potentially unstable in the low frequency region, you should stabilize it first
    so that it is unconditionally stable in the entire frequency range.
    The amplifier must be power matched at 1.3 GHz to 50 ohms at both the input and output. Use
    SMD inductors and capacitors.
    Make the circuit and measure gain and matching for the “report”. Take care not to overload the
    amplifier with too high input signal from the Network Analyser.

    Unfortunately I am very poor at electronics and to be honest I do not know how to start all of this... Could you recommend me some materials, books and resources which could help me with this problem?
    I have a deadline in one week, so I have to catch up the theory very quickly... ;)
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    Jul 17, 2007
    Gee, maybe when you take the course again next semester, you will have a better idea on how to approach this problem.

    The material has already been presented on how to solve this problem, or you would not have been given the assignment.

    I suggest that you study your assigned textbook, and your notes to get "up to speed", or you will wind up taking the course over again.