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    Jun 5, 2013
    I have RXTX-433M RF modules........ in order to increase the range b/w the Transmitter & Receiver to communicate........ I plan to make a amplifier......... can a class A amplifier hooked on before the antenna section on Transmitter module will work???? or Class C???? plz give me a good circuit diagram too as I couldnt find one on google! Plz HELP ME!!!!! Remember that the Transmitter & Receiver is used for activating relays and not for any audio signals! i just wanna increase the RANGE of this system!! :rolleyes:
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    A schematic won't help you very much. A UHF power amplifier cannot be built on a shoestring on a breadboard. It requires careful design, layout, and construction. If an amplifier is your first choice it is quite clear you have no clue about what the problem is, or what legal requirements of unlicensed operation are.

    My own personal terms of service prevent me from helping people operate illegal radio transmitters.
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    You can buy heaps of commercial serial modules on the 433MHz band, see sparkfun website or any google search.

    Some have quite long ranges.
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    Jan 3, 2012
    You would be MUCH better off simply improving the antennas at both ends. A properly tuned Marconi monopole, or dipole, or better yet, a small directional antenna such as a yagi or dish at either end will be dramatically better than increasing the tx power.