Reversing microwave oven transformer...

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What to expect at the low-turn-primary of a ~1KW salvaged transformer when powering its high-voltage-secondary with 120VAC ? -Ignore the filament-
This is not about rewinding or adding windings.
How to calculate the idle 120VAC current when no load is connected ?


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The output of a microwave transformer is typically about 2200V, giving a turns-ratio of 2200/120 = 18.3/1.
Thus if you connected 120Vac to the output, you would see about 120/18.3 = 6.5Vac

You would need to measure the inductance of the secondary and calculate the magnetizing current from that, which is the idle current.


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Be aware that the high voltage secondary winding usually (always?) has one terminal grounded, so unless you can disconnect that from ground you effectively have an autotransformer with associated risks.


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The 1Kv winding will be from small guage wire, which will have high resistance, so you may be limited to the output current.


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This reminds me of a time when....

My son found a video about building a spot welder from a microwave transformer. We cut the frame apart then replaced the secondary with about 4 winding of some 6 AWG. We were able to spot weld sheet meter but I took it apart because it was very dangerous. I might be able to make a safer version and better electrodes but what we had was pretty shoddy.