reverse polarity 12 v dc motor limit switches .help !!!

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  1. passman

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    May 1, 2013
    here are my parts :
    1 x 3 way toggle .
    2 limit swicthes (radio shack )
    2 x relay ( radio shack )
    2 x 3.5 v led ( red / green )
    1 x 12 v power supply 500ma
    1 x 12 v motor ( donor from child ride on electric car )

    project ( closet pocket door rail system ..

    i have a diagram using car relays 30/87/86/85/87a ... and so on .. but i olny have 1 of those and would rather use the smaller radio shack ones .
    ok guys i need somone to draw up this circuit in lamens terms for me ..
    heres what i want it to do .
    : flip the toggle swicth up .. green led lights up and door moves open ie ( forward motor polarity ) once it reaches the open posistion .. it hits a limit switch , telling the motor to stop and reverses the polarity , ( puting the notor in reverse and lighting the red led . then when im ready to close it .. i flip the toglle in the down on posistion and it returns closed and hits the second limit switch , again stoping the motor and reversing the polarity . so thats its ready to open when the swicth is fliped again

    can somone please draw this up for me ? in a ... abcdefg type easy to follow chart :) im not that good with schematics . thanks in advance jamie ..... this circuit can also be known as a trigger limit swicth reverse polarity 12v dc motor circuit lol :)
  2. passman

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    May 1, 2013
    This SPDT changeover switch (limit switch ) is rated 5 amps at 250VAC part number

    | Catalog #: 275-016

    the relay is :
    Model: 275-241 | Catalog #: 275-241
    12VDC/1A SPDT Micro Relay

    ps ; i thought i had bought striaght up 12 v leds .. however they say 3.5 v .. i may need a different power supply just for them lol ... im also building a projector bulb 8 ultra high brightness white leds ... they are 3.5 v too . i thought i was buying 12v .. so i could use some help with that ... so far i think i figured i need a 38.8 volt supply with 2 x 270ohm resisters but hey help me out on one of these if not both thanks all have a nice day !!!!
  3. passman

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    May 1, 2013
    also need to fihure out where to put the polarity indication leds in the chain they are 3.5v and my power supply is 12 .. should I get 12v leds instead or can I make this work ?:) except im using a 12v mirro mini replay that I think I found the conversion as far as which pole is 87 30 87-a 86 85 etc - 1st single pole is 87 then 87-a then 86 then bottom 2 pins right to left are 30 and 85
    [​IMG] the image dosent want to work so heres the circuit pic link its the 3rd circuit picture down the one with the linit switches
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  4. williamj

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    Sep 3, 2009

    I looked for, but was unable to find, the pin specification for your relay. With out knowing which pin goes where I'd just be guessing.

    As for your leds there are instructions here that will guide you step by step. Just do a site search for LEDs
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    May 1, 2013
    thanks I think I found it gonna try it later I figure just go with it what have I got to loose lol:)
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    Nov 23, 2012
    For relay's DATASHEET, see: