Reusing CFL Ballasts

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    I saw this thread when I also had same thing with me! I was able to make a standard Tubelight Electronic Balast out of this CFL Circuit.I had a Wipro make 20w CFL. Mind you that household slim Tubelight is 36w.All you need to have is old Tubelite holder whose balast is broken or if you want to convert the real starter/choke(ballast) combination by the electronic one!From the CFL Circuit, identify the Input (230v ac)terminals. Actually those are directly connected to the bulb terminals. Identify the CFL connections. There are 4 terminals - actually pair of 2 terminals. What you need to do is to connect each of this pair to the Tubelight's each end. Consider CFL also as a wound tubelight and it also has 2 terminals at its 2 ends. You have to be only careful that you connect the right pair to either end, so that the filaments in the tublight complete the circuit.That's it, Bingo! It lighted up my test tubelight! Now I have a spare, should any of my electronic ballast burns out, I'll replace it with this. Its that easy.Only thing is you many not be able to use any CFL less than 20w. I tried with 11w (or was it 15w), it lights up the tube but its not that bright and it produces some wavy lines, so basically, its not able to supply the power needed. Somebody can suggest how to increase the power of this circuit so that we can reuse it for the purpose!.-Mr.Circuit
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    Many types contain a DB3 diac in the start-up circuit - there's some interesting experiments to enjoy with this almost forgotten device.
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