Resume job title advise!!!

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Thao Vu

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Hi all,
I would like to look for a new job. My current job is Test Engineer, but I intend to look for an Engineering Technician or Technician Job. I want to change my job title from Test Engineer to Test Engineering Technician on my resume so I can get me better fit with the new position. Please advise should I do that? I worry about the new company will think I lie on my resume.


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Welcome to AAC.

Put whatever title the company you work for has given you. It doesn’t make enough difference to your chances of getting a new position to risk lying on your résumé. You gain almost nothing—if anything at all—and risk making yourself look unreliable.


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Depending on where you live, Technician and Engineer are two different qualifications. What diploma or degree did you receive from school?