Restoring/Upgrading AR3a Crossovers

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    Oct 6, 2013
    Dear members, I am new here , I live in Colombia, South America.I will really appreciate your help. I own a pair of AR3a . The subwoofers and all Drivers are working fine but my original tweeters were
    replace for AR Classic Line , the ones used in the AR 18S. The first problem is that these tweeters are 8 ohms and the originals were 4 ohms.
    My crossovers have the tweeter cables CUT and the 2 Pots are not there anymore. The speakers are working but I will like to know if is posible to integrate these AR 18s tweeters in my crossovers ... in a correct way. Also , can I replace the missing Pots for switches of some sort ?
    As you may see, I am really ignorant in electronics. I wish I could post a photo of my crossovers . ( is it posible to post here a photo ) ?
    I plan to change all original capacitors for new ones and as far as I know the only elements missing in my 2 crossovers are the 4 potentiometers.
    Please somebody give me an advise. Thanks in advance. Daniel.