Restoring division algorithm

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I spent three days already Googling for concrete answers to the questions below, about binary restoring division method for unsigned values, with no success:

a) How many bytes long are quotient and reminder if dividend and divisor are

1 - 32 and 16 bits long (16 or 32?)
2 - 16 and 16 bits long (?)
3 - 24 and 8 bits long (?)

b) How many shifts and how many susbtractions require each of the three cases above? Checked several routines in the PIClist. For 32/16 found they use 32 iterations (?!)

c) Is it any applet in the Web that i could use to check what I do manually, that is, every step of the calculation. The sole one I've found on the Web is supposed to support a book writen by a lady but couldn't get it working. Always gives an error.

Recall having done this, manually, 20 years ago but now I've tried many times, with no success at all.

Reinventing the wheel? Yes, perhpas but the worst I am at lost with something I was able to manage in the past!!

Help appreciated.