Respect For Retched

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Out of a deep inner respect for Retch ,I did not ask to have a

picture of him posted.You are the captain of the ship and have

the resources that I don't. In the as Loosewire way I sent a

criptic message about a search party to find him. Then I went

on Riaff to raise some attention,leaving to others to pm,call and

do other things. No one totalally understand Loosewire,is it vanity

or truth about Loosewire. I don't want to lose my support,but when

I am down Loosewire brings me up. I like all of you guys and when

I say truth I mean it,I started an other post and stopped in my

tracks,call it E.S.P. but your post does not come as a surprise.

I may be the most ignored person on the Forum,the scholars may

know a lot,but they don't Loosewire. I have traveled in the steps of

a lot of you. I chose not to sit on stool or chair to be better at

computers. I have listened to you guys experiences,I don't regret

the path that I took.
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@ Spinaker, You have not touch the Loosewire if you are thinging in that direction.

The picture I posted was taken the first day of Lobster season 2010, that a true

statement. Another true statement, I was one among ten competitors, one entry

a International champion a special event that one-in one hundred thousand people

can do.That was in 2011 it was an offical timed event,I was not last or next to last,

vanity won't let me name my place. I would have to fool myself in 2012 to that again.

I think 2012 is going to be a year that stands out on this Forum for a lot of reasons.
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I've been around long enough to start to understand Loosewire - I'm not sure if that is a good thing though. :)

Loosewire, you must post a picture of this lobster.

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Sorry,Sparky, my mind was busy on getting the captain of the commercial

fishing boat to dive into the water.You have not been around, I've told this

story before. I was told that they had two good swimmers and if I went

under the water,they would have trouble finding me with the current so

strong. With a few long stem cherries,he agreed. I remember the top of

my head hitting the water,not a perfect dive. The picture turned out to

be one of the greater pictures of Man and Ocean I have found on the

Internet,I have been searching. So Mr.Sparky going the Forum ,no one

touch's the Loosewire.


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And I thought I knew him.

The more I learn about looswire I am becoming one myself...

Seriously Loosy....I do not get what you are saying.

I like it straight. I can't think too much u know.

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Sparky, has to answer,Riaff you don't understand his question.

He didn't tell me that he like the grave yard story.


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I think Loosewire is one of those effortless über cool urban bohemian hipsters. And we more mere mortal techno geeks. Are not meant to understand such divinely inspired people:rolleyes:

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@T06, is that a surrender,you gave up. I think you have solid life style.

You enjoy the out doors and show proof of it. You keep your car up

and you enjoy boating. What caused the Rooster to stop walking for

a while,was that a geek thing.
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