resonant circuit

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hi guys
i need ur help in understanding that series resonant ciruit. the one given in this ebook
it has a voltage source, an inductor and a capacitor all connected in series. what i dont get is the operation of this circuit
this book explained the parallel resonant circuit very well but with series it just said that impedance drops to zero when reactances of capacitor and inductore becomes equal and current becomes extremely large
can anyone explain how does this all happens. what actually happens in the circuit. i am a basic level student so would appreciate if answer is at basic level with more details


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I'm not clear on what a basic level student would understand. The explanation has to do with frequency dependent impeadance and the algebra of complex numbers. If you consider inductance to be represented by a vector starting at the origin and pointing in the positive y-direction. Then you consider capacitence as a vector starting at the origin and pointing in the negative y-direction. To get the impedance of the two vecors we add them. At one and only one frequency the magnitudes will be equal and since they point in opposite directions the sum must be zero.