Resistor types

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I'm in need of a non-wirewound resistor, and I've got a couple of them at hand, but don't know if they really are non-wirewound. One type is your regular shaped resistor (a bit thick though - 0.1Ohm, 1W), I suppose this one is carbon film?
The other one is square shaped, 0.1 Ohm 5W - this one I found on the internet and I think it is wirewound ("axial type" ?) but am not sure.

Please advise, are these wirewound?

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They are ceramic encased, but the rest is unknown. I'd be guessing sand, but the datasheet doesn't readily offer an answer.


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The square ceramic resistors are almost always wire wound.

There are some wire wound resistors that the manufacturers classify as "non-inductive". These resistors have the resistive wire element snaking back and fourth along the length of the resistor, rather than wound around a core. There is still a small amount of inductance, but it is vastly reduced from a standard type wire wound.

The 1-watt cylindrical could be either. If it were thick-film carbon or metal film, then it would be non-inductive.


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They also make non inductive wire wound types which have two windings wrapped in opposite directions on separate layers that look exactly like a typical standard wirewound from the outside. Can't tell just by looking.