Resistor placement in a circuit. Are these examples OK?

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    Jan 30, 2010
    I have a circuit that I am trying to build again but in a surface mount configuration. I have a section or two that I need to jump to get this to work the way it is laid out. I saw the way resistors were laid out on this pre-biased transistor and it made me think.

    Part of the circuit is shown in the diagram below as Figure A. This is correct and working the way it is.

    {Look at R3 - these are the only changes between figure A,B,C and D}

    I would like to know if the figures B, C and D are acceptable also? It was not until I saw the data sheet above that raised these questions. This would solve a minor problem if and only if this is a correct way to accomplish what is in Figure A. I will try this again with the pre-biased transistors but this question is two basic in nature to ignore and not learn from.


    Thanks for and wisdom and feedback!

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    They are the same thing....unless very high frequencies are involved.
    For switching below GHz. No problem
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