resin free solder flux?

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my wife began a new job with a rail road track testing company,she solders the circuit boards etc before the kids were born she worked in this field,now she is getting rashes [skin] lips arms eye's face etc.can anyone relate a remedy? need the job!from research on web it might be from the rosin any help.:( place to go for alternative? thank you dave don,


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Good Luck to you and your wife,it hard to get an opinion from a doctor that will
place blame on work related incident's.Many people suffer with out the answer's to
their problem's. It may take year's to make up your mind to change work to see if it relief's the condition.General knowledge say's lead in solder is bad .Getting a professional to acknowledge on the record (IN WRITING) is rare.Unfortantly the lead
go on the record after death.You have a lot tech's online that have been exposed to lead
for long time and they post all the time.Check out allergies,shot's can test you for a lot of thing's to stay away from.
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Is she using the old solder (63/36) or the new silver solder (95/5)?

You might think about putting up a hood or vacuum of some type. Is she doing this at work, or at home?


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Tracking down a specific allergen is often, if not usually, a futile search. There are tools to help in the search, like skin testing, IgE tests (done on blood), and so forth. When they work, it can be helpful. Often, though, with a rash that just appears, a specific cause is not found. The distribution is suggestive of an environmental source (e.g., like you suggest, new shampoo(?), etc.), but even food allergies can have an arms, face, and neck distribution.

Rosin does contain a weak allergen, abietic acid ( That is no way proves it is related to here skin problem.

I doubt that lead in the solder, if she is using leaded solder, is the culprit. John