Resetting to 01 in Days counter of Digital Clock

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    Apr 6, 2015
    For a digital clock circuit, specifically for date the counter should reset to 1 in some cases for the units digit of the date. For example if the tens digit of the date is 0 then the units digit should be 1, it should not be zero. So assuming we are in a month with 31 days, after 31 it should reset to 01. I used J-K flipflops and made a condition so that when the tens digit is 0 and the units digit is also 0, preset the least significant bit. But it isnt working properly. it goes from 01 to 03 and 05, then continues normally(6,7,8,9). When ten's digit is not zero the units digit counter works properly and goes from 0 to 9. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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    Jun 22, 2012
    lets have your circuit diagram,to aid you further.
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    @Dodgydave I totally agree with you.

    @am2 I totally agree with Dodgydave. But if you follow the logic in your solution, it will soon appear that the results you are seeing is inevitable. Two thoughts. Your test of the units digit is insufficient to identify when to change the LSB. Secondly, are you using a counter chip with a pre-load input? I guess we'll find out when we see your schematic. If you're unfamiliar with inserting schematics in your reply, take a look at this blog