Resetting a Digital Counter...Please help...Ü

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Good day...I need help...

We were given a digital counter project using logic gates and jk flip flops. The display sequence is 1 5 0 7 6 4 9 3 8 2 and repeat...reset default must be 0. I am done doing the state transition table, state transition diagram, Karnaugh map and logic gate equivalent. I am also done implementing it in actual and on Multisim.

My problem is that when I force the jk flip flop to reset to 0, the sequence goes like this - 0 7 6 4 9 3 8 2 1 5...we were told that when we reset to 0 anywhere on the sequence, the sequence that will follow the reset must be 1 5 0 7 6 4 9 3 8 2.

I also tried this sequence- 1010, 0001, 0101, 0000, 0111, 0110, 0100, 1001, 0011, 1000, 0010 and back to 0001.. I tried using 1010 as my reset point but I can't make it to display 0..

what solution can i do here??? please help me..Thank you very much....:)


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From my point of view, and given your lesson context, I believe this exercise is badly expressed.

You could either reset it to 1 and restart the measurement, or reset to 0 and continue with 7.

It can be done of course, but with a more complicated circuit and I believe it's outside of a simple Digital Logic lesson. You would need another Finite State Machine to know if you are resetting or not. When the reset would be pushed, it would trigger for one (or more cycles) and stall the count, while displaying 0, and then resume with the reset to 1 counting.

Is that clear?

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I agree with Geogracer. I went through these last year. Usually what was meant by reset is that the counter will abandon the current count and start a new count i.e. it is reset - in you case that would be resetting it to 1. Maybe the question needs some clarification?