RESET button to MCU


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Are your programmer connected. It take control over the MCLR pin. Try to disconnect the programmer. And see if that help


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It would help if you posted your code (use the "Go Advanced" button and wrap your code in the code tags "#" so that it easier to read. Without the code its hard to say what is going wrong.


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ya.from 5v.but what do you mean 1k is a bit strong?not 10k stronger than 1k?
An 10K resistor only needs 1/10 the current of an 1k resistor to pull the voltage down to a low voltage.

Note: No idea if that is the cause; I would guess I code issue; but, I am mainly a programer instead of a hardware person. So, I always look to eliminate what is easier for me to check. After checking the normal hardware things on PICs.

Normal hardware Items to check.

Note: I have seen PICs partly work without one of Power or Ground Pins connected.

Ground to PIC
Power to PIC
MCLR properly connected; the proper connection can vary some per configuration options.
If using external Crystal is it connected with the recommend capacitor(s)
Check the rest of the schematic connections.

Tim S.


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I think there're 3 things to do:
1. change the pull-up res from 1k to 4.7k
2. add a 1uf cap between MCLR and GND
3. Make sure the load cap of the crystal is correct. Most load caps of crystal are from 10 to 20p. 30p may be a little bigger.


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ya.from 5v.but what do you mean 1k is a bit strong?not 10k stronger than 1k?
Think of it this way: If you have a 1 ohm resistor tying a pin to 5V you will not be able to pull it away from that 5V. But if a 10K ohm resistor is used you can easily pull it away from the 5V. Therefore, 1 ohm is "stronger" than 10k ohm.


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The circuit is ok,it will work properly but your switch might cause the problem so buy good quality switch.I did the same mistake when I was starting with these stuffs...

You can use this circuit for reset...



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Is it on a breadboard? It can be common to get a problem where the PIC xtal oscillator does not re-start after MCLR reset. Usually caused by long wires and/or too much capacitance near the xtal caused by the breadboard.