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    Sep 30, 2009
    Recently there are a lot more posts where the responders are asking for the location of the person asking the question. As the location (country) will make a difference in the available help given, why not make a location part of the required information to register?

    This is the single BEST electronics forum on the web, why not make a location a requirement for use? You don't need a city or address just a country.

    Thank all of you that give answers for your generous sharing of information!

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    Almost anyone who sticks around gets around to it, it is too obvious not to.

    Personally I think it is a privacy issue, and should be voluntary. They only hurt themselves and their projects if they don't, and the basics in electronics remain the same.

    There was a time if someone had ordered parts in the USA from Russia they would have been laughed at, and the order turned over to the FBI. Now it is no big deal. This is the good part of globalization IMO.

    I have to wonder how orders from hot spots are handled, Iran is pretty sure to get the treatment I mentioned, since the sanctions ban cover pretty much everything. But how about Iraq, or Palestine? Sophisticated parts make sophisticated weapons.

    Those who need to will lie, only the moderators will know.
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    I am pro to anonymity. I think internet leaks already too much information. Even if I can't keep wondering now and then which country is that John Doe from to speak english so horribly.

    I know that in my country packages are not handled at all. Before the summer an officer of the minister of internal affairs was killed after opening a letter-bomb. The package was not scanned on entering the ministry because it was considered safe, as it was sent from within the country and delivered by the national postal service. Looks like more than one person forgot to do their job.

    Of course security is more strict at the borders but still, if you 're smart, you can smuggle anything.
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    There is no reason the register-er ;) cant just put 'N/A' if they dont wish to disclose their location.

    I agree. I hate putting in a bunch of work to someones question just to be hit with:

    "We can't get those here"

    It would be helpful.