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    Oct 9, 2010
    Hi everyone! I am new here and my name is Jay and I know just enough to be dangerous ;).

    I have a small project that I am working on and I have come to a standstill because of my lack of design background.

    I am taking an old variable speed 8mm/Super 8mm film projector and turning into a "stop-motion" device. The idea here is to slow the projector down to about 2 to 5 frames per second to allow a dedicated hi-res color video camera to copy each frame as it passes through the film gate. The camera is connected to the projector lens and is directly connected to a dedicated PC with stop-motion photocopying software installed.

    So far I have been able to use off-the-shelf kits to:

    1. control the voltage to the dc drive motor allowing me to control the 35VDC motor down to 0VDC if needed.

    2. Mount a NPN OC proximity sensor on the projector's transmission and connect it to a digital tach to allow me to see the exact frames per second going through the projector gate.

    3. Replace the projector's high wattage (lots of heat) bulb with an LED and control its brightness with a small powersupply kit connected to the 8VDC tap on the DC powersupply transformer (I won't burn the film as it waits in the gate to be copied).

    Now, here is where I am stuck. I have a EXP-4R 24vdc (powered by the 24vdc fixed voltage coming from the projector's powersupply) 4 channel board that I think I want to use to send a signal from the proximity sensor or tach to the relay, through the opto-isolator, to a set of contacts to control the "left click" ear on a mouse. This would activate and sync the software to the film counter (the software has selectable "frames-per-second" options).

    I need some one to tell me if I am on the right track to this point and also to help me to "connect the dots", or how do I use the pulse from the proximity sensor or from the tach to trigger the relay and "turn on" the stop motion software?

    Regards and thank you in advance for any and all help on my project!

    Jay Fontaine
    Wisconsin USA
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    What software are you using? And how are the control circuits connected to the PC?