Requesting Help for PIC 16F877 on elevator

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hello guys, i am currently on my final year and is doing my final project for an elevator.. but now i am stuck in the middle of process.. i already have a circuit and using a 12V power wiper motor to control the movement of the car.. i connect the circuit to the testing board and instead of using motor.. i am replacing the motor with 2 LED.. 1 LED for forward and 1 for backward.. but my LED never lights up.. i am using 3 push button and 3 reed switches as my input.. any one could help me with my current situation? pls kindly provide some comment or ur email so that we can have further discussion.. millon thanks to u guys :)


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Post your circuit. You can't simply replace the motor with LEDs. Are you using an H-bridge?...Do you have current limiting resistors for the LEDs?