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    This a blupe about the reputation clean up site. It turns out that this

    site has the power to help people out that has money. The guy behind

    the site in Harvard law school graduate.He is quick to tell you that he has

    power because of his education. So if you are concerned about something

    that is public against you or private. He hints that he will file lawsuits to

    make you take back anything you say about someone. So that how that

    ad works filing suits against you,that cost you money to defend. F.Y.I.
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    Oct 3, 2010
    why must you drift in and out of coherence so?
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    Feb 20, 2009
    Its all about money not even lawyers. I can state numerous case where people have walked from1st degree murder for $150,000, walked from attempted murder, possesioni with intent, possesion of controlled substances, another attempted murder, and finally a 3rd felony of possesion with intent. He got 8 months no show probation, no drug test and $30,000 fine paid up front, another one my cousin who is from a famous mafia family got 5 DUI's in 1 year. Never lost his license nor spent more then 8 hours in the can. Don't know what he paid but even got the arrest removed from the database so he has a crystal clean record now. Justice is for sale period.

    Oh and most recently another mafia family friend got busted with 7lb of dank coming from SF to FL and got popped in Kansas. He had the smoke in his car and guns. Bailed out and within 3 months had settled for "Possesion without a tax stamp" got a $400 fine and was able to go pick up his guns. Total time in jail 72 hours. I believe this cost him $50,000 and was 9 months ago.