Reprogramming a bread machine

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Thanks for the help guys. I had thought this might be the case, but didn't know of course. I also imagine, I could even theoretically, make a custom controller and even possibly, simply use it to bypass or 'over control' over this one without removing this one even huh? that I think is going to be the way I think I am going to move with. maybe something I can/will just stick on the side and patch into the ribbon cable, for whenever I do simply want my functions, and that way it also still keeps it pretty stock, without me worrying about messing things up. maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough just to replace the whole thing, though. right now I do not really have the skill, but I learn fairly quickly. once again thanks for those of you who helped, it has gave me more interest and ideas.


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I believe u can do it in assembly pretty easily. What types of actuators are in that thing.

U need to write a code in how you want it to do.
Draw a flow chart first.