Replacing Variable R with LDR in light dimming circuit

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Hi, I am constructing a light dimming circuit that is based on light sensing LDR, Automation/efficient-energy-management/light-dimmers.php (Refer to Figure 3)

I am not constructing the external circuit in this case because I would the LDR to sense from the surrounding light. I would like to ask:
1.What should be the value of the LDR resistance?
2.How should I test the circuit? What are the precautions when testing it in a home 230 v power supply?
3. Whats should be the dimmable lamp power rating?
4.Other alternative model for the TRIAC?

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You won't find support here for mains-connected projects like this one, for safety reasons. Your questions may be answered by careful reading of the component datasheets.