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    Jan 19, 2012
    I'm going to exchange a non-reparable circuit board in a tape deck with a replacement (functional but used) board. There will be about 45 wire connections required. The wires were wrapped about six time around individual mounting posts on the board, then soldered in place. I've tested de-soldering similar connections, and it takes a consider amount of time, effort, and heat to remove the wrapped wires.

    The replacement board has generous lengths of wire attached. so I can see two, practicable methods for making the connections and wonder if one or the other would be superior:

    1) On both boards, snip each wire as close as possible to the mounting post. Strip and wrap the wire around the post over the existing wraps then solder everything in place.

    2) Splice each wire pair by stripping, twisting, soldering, and covering with shrink tubing. In other words, leave the existing wire/post connections in place and join all the wires like splicing a rope.

    Probably #2 would be easier; but, since this a high quality audio component, wonder whether there would be any signal degradation using the splice method.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks
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    Nov 30, 2010
    Method #2 works for me. Just don't leave an extra foot of wire times 45 connections. Trim to a proper length.