Replacement transistor

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the 2SC2235-Y (Datasheet) is a pretty rare chip. On digikey the min order is 1,000...I only need 1 of course. Are there any more common NPN power transistors with similar characteristics as the one given?

I am attempting to repair an Onkyo skw-450 sub woofer (schematic , CTL-F Q518 to find exact position of part). Anyways, there is a constant hum on the speaker...probably because there is a constant ~30VDC on it. Figured probably a power supply problem. Rectified bridge checks out, so must be the caps then. One of them test ~40VDC the other nothing. I then must have hit something with my VM cause there was a spark. I turn over the board to see that transistor to be now missing the other half of itself.