Replacement part? Any suggestions?

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I need to find a replacement for this component:

Part number: FP1005R1-R15-R

Ideally i would buy a new one, but i have been unable to locate a reseller. Digikey will only sell them in reels with 950 units. Some other reseller charges €20 for shipping alone.

Any suggestions for a replacement part? It has to match the physical dimensions of the original component.

Thanks in advance.
The Cooper-Bussman page has three links to the right of the product photograph. The data sheet, their inventory, and "Order Sample". You need one to replace one that lost its magic blue smoke? This sounds like a no-brainer to me... just fill out the form and let them send you 3 or 4 as samples.

If you have no patience, or they won't send you samples for some reason; its a 150nH choke, 0.039 Ohms DC resistance. There are a lot of similar parts out there. It sounds like 3 turns of #24 AWG nylon coated magnet wire on a low relative permeability ferrite rod core. From memory, something like 6 or 8 turns of #24 on a 0.100" mandel makes a 150nH air-core choke, as does 5 or 6T on 0.125" mandral, 4 or 5 on .150" etc. As the turn count goes down, the exact turn spacing becomes critical. The DC resistance will be a higher with an air-core, but probably below the part spec. Without the potting material, the thermal resistance is much lower and it probably won't burn up again. Of course, if the burning up is a desried feature you can put a big blob of epoxy on it to secure it in place after you solder it. Otherwise, the strength to weight ratio of a tiny coil is very good, and you don't need to epoxy stake it.