Replacement for MOSTEK MK-5017 series

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    Mar 20, 2013
    As you aware a well known chip made by MOSTEK during 1970's were very successful and then it was purchased by United Technologies Corporation in 1979 then it destroyed by bad management and greedy.

    Nowadays, MK-5017 clock chip (later added with calendar feature) was impossible to find in any vendors and so many eBay purchased and destroyed because they had lack of experience in electronics. Same with Beckman Sperry SP display series (Panaplex Neon Display) were so popular during that time. Nowadays, no one to have a remanufacturing that wonderful displays with easy to read even far better than LEDs.

    I struggle collected Beckman Sperry SP series and collected electronic components. But no luck with MOSTEK MK-5017AB or BB chip.

    I wonder if you may have more experience to create PIC to provide a printed circuit that have pin to pin compatible with old MK-5017 and compatible to drive circuits and run three SP-352 displays.

    In fact, there are three different versions of MK-5017 during that old days were:

    MK5017 P AA - Alarm Clock
    MK5017 P AN - Clock Radio Alarm
    MK5017 P BB - Calendar Clock

    Hopefully, you may able to create "clone" with PIC microcontroller to act exact what MK-5017 series provided to support the circuits.

    Thank you
  2. MrChips


    Oct 2, 2009
    Does it have to be MK5017? Would MM5314 or MM5316 work instead?
    I will check my database and see if I have a decent copy of the MK5017 datasheet.
  3. Meixner


    Sep 26, 2011
    Yes Mostek was a good company and they had some fine products. However they were not destroyed by bad or greedy management, they were killed by the japanese dumping DRAM on the market at less than their the manufacturing cost.