replacement for ICL8038

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hello members

i wish to know the replacement ic for icl8038, [with same pin configurations]
can any one suggest it please
thanks in advance
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I am not aware of a drop-in replacement for the ICL8038. There are a couple of other devices that can be used. There is the XR2206 by EXAR and the MAX038 made by MAXIM. These two devices can be set up to mimic the ICL8038 but that will require some circuit redesign.



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Exar also made the XR-8038, but it's long out of production.

I've had an NTE864 kicking around for the last decade, and actually I'm about ready to do something with it ;)

Just finished a layout for an ECG892, which was a Philips clone of an XR-2206. Rather decent; 0.01 Hz - 1MHz with 100:1 range in six decades. Yes, it's obsolete too, sadly.

In other old news, The Electronics Goldmine still has NE566N's available for $5.95 + shipping:

It doesn't have the features of the ICL8038/XR-8038/NTE864, but it's mighty easy to build a low-cost signal generator from it.