Repairing boards?

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Looking for a DIY or write up on repairing some common board issues. I was given two LCD Tvs that did not work. The one i decided to get started on was pretty easy to find the issue since i was getting no power. Ripped the power board out and found this:

I checked my caps, but they all seemed to be fine. There is a massive heat spreader on top that i was attempting to remove until i got to this impossibly unaccesable screw...

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Is there a hole in the metal shield opposite (under the camera at the front edge) to fit a long driver in?

If not, you can get u-joint adapters for standard 1/4" bits that would get that screw out without a problem.

For blown traces, I use 3M copper tape cut to match the blown trace. A small wire brush, or very careful use of a dremel will remove solder mask, though a dremel can remove far too much too fast if you haven't practiced often. Then stick the copper tape down and solder it to the extant trace to complete the circuit, or re-create the component pad, etc. Favorite Tape (use X-Acto Knife

A hot air pencil is by far the best method for working with SMD components as well. That and standard iron + thin solder wick