Removing backlight inverter board?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by Sensei616, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Sensei616

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    Aug 25, 2012
    I'm trying to remove the back-light inverter board in an LCD TV I have. The model is a Samsung LNT4066 and the inverter board model is SSB400HA20V.

    The board has tabs on one side that each fit into a black connector. I've tried pulling it out with as much force as possible without feeling like I would break it, but no such luck.

    This video shows it much better than I ever could. At 5:25 in the video you can see the inverter board and the black connectors easily.

    From what I can tell, each black connector has notches that could loosen its grip on the board when pressure is applied from both sides. I've tried applying pressure but nothing clicks or snaps which worries me.

    Its possible that applying pressure to the notches loosens the board, but I have no way of knowing since there's about 12 other connectors that also hold the board, meaning I'd have to apply pressure to all the notches at the same time in order to remove the board, which I really hope isn't the case seeing as I don't have enough small pliers or enough hands to hold them all in place.

    I also am unable to find any videos of that particular board being removed in any other videos, despite it being a common TV model. It's kinda upsetting that I have to resort to this just to remove a PCB.

    I'd be grateful to anyone who could help me figure out the proper method for getting this board off. Thanks.
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    Jul 21, 2013
    I have the Samsung LNT4069 model, so I image it is the same backlight inverter board. There are 2 little notches on the black plastic strip the board plugs in to. (These are not the tiny notches on each connection to which you previously referred.) These 2 notches are about as wide as a regular size flat head screw driver and are located (on my model) about 5 inches from each end directly beside the screw hole for the protective cover I had to remove to get to the board. If you insert the flat head screwdriver you can use it as a lever to pry the board out of the connections a little at a time. (First work the left side with one pry, then do the right side and alternate back and forth.) After a couple of pries, you get to where you cannot use the 2 notches because the board has slid out some. This is when you begin prying from the little tabs located in between each connector on the black strip. After 3 or 4 pries, the board can be removed by hand, but it still might take a little force. The backlight inverter board is NOT held in with any real mechanical connection, only a tight fit. I hope this helps someone in the future, since the original post was almost a year ago.