remotely switching emergency lights

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This is my first time on this site but here's a way of remotely switching emergency lights that are on the same circuit as the mains lighting and there have been no keyswitches fitted locally in order to carry out your obligatory weekly lighting test.
There are 2 ways of doing this one involves using the earth connection and reversing the live and neutral, but due to regulations and the precarious nature of wiring in some older premises this second method works a treat.( Don't even consider the first method!! )
An fet relay latch is fitted to every emergency light ( costs less than a fiver, per light ) the mains is interrupted momentarily all latches switch over disconnecting power to the emergency lights but only causing a flicker to all other lights. At the end of the 1 or 3 hour test time after inspecting all em/lts to see they are working or require batteries or tubes a second momentary interruption of the mains causes all the latches to switch back and resume mains power connection to all emergency lights.

Genius ???