Remote terminal / keyboard?

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I remember some years back when I was a PC tech and the dinosaurs roamed the earth, we had a box that you could plug a keyboard and monitor into. If I remember correctly, it connected to the PC via coax.

It allowed you to but an auxiliary keyboard and monitor in a remote location.

Does anyone remember those things?

Do they still exist today? If so do they have USB?


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This is new to me, but it's a good thought. In environment where you only need a screen and a keyboard, this box would be good. I've seen a lot of places where the origin to an error is the usual EBKAC, and the only thing they really needed was a screen an a keyboard. Then the computers/PC's could be stuffed away, and maintained by qualified personnel.

Was this the age before the mouse came?:)

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could be a kvm or a thin client. a kvm can be usb or PS2 usily they specify. if you need to combine a usb kb with ps2 mouse or vicea verca there are adapters to change the type. but if you can avoid these unless necesary. try tiger dirct or newegg. if it was coax theres a chance it could be a thin client on a thicknet network. then these divices would operate off a mainfram somwhere on the network. this is a similar concept to terminal server availible in windows server. hope this helps =)