Remote RC Car / junk controllers what to do with them

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Hi I acquired 4 or 5 various RC control boxes

Anyway's I was wondering if any of you had fun ideas on what I could do with these

I am disabled and maybe there is something fun with these

These RC controllers came from a airhog , and some rc cars or boats
I just got a bunch of these things in a box and figured out of all this RC stuff I'll conjure up something fun , good for my medical or even a RC Car My brother has

I think the freqs are between 27 - 49

Shoot me ideas
Thank you


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If you have a scope, you can see the outputs, or you can use the raw motor outputs to drive different motors.

I usually rip out the RC part and use the chassis as an autonomous robot so kids have a variety of $9 chassis/motor combinations to choose from when building (high school robotics).


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If you have a scope, they are useful.

The IR ones you can build stuff with, as you can make a receiver.

The RF type, not much to do but part scavenge for center return levers, etc, or use as part of a theme as a prop. Most of the important stuff in the cheap RF controllers happens inside a COB (Chip On Board), so they are pretty impossible to modify for another function.