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I've been trying to find a product like this and although there are several similar and very expensive version there are none that fit my needs. I thought it might be something that could be made fairly easily. I would like to make a remote controlled dog collar beeper for training purposes. It would work similar to a shock collar without the shock. Instead when you press a button on the remote it would signal a small device on the collar with an audible double beep (about a 10hz tone). Something around the level of a loud human voice. It's doesn't punish the dog but merely gets it's attention if its barking or eating the neighbors cat.

They have this already as part of shock collars or citranella spray collars but they're faily big and use 6 volt batteries that don't last more than a week and are pricey. They also have beeper collars for hunting dogs but besides costing 300 to 400 dollars they're large and way too loud.

If anybody can point me in the direction of a place where I could learn to build this on my own or someone that might be able to make it at a reasonable price, please let me know.

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Modify one of a pair of GRMS walkie talkies to be more robust. You can set a code and the radio will automatically turn on when you signal it. Some radios have a tone send feature our you can just whistle or speak into your radio. :p

Waterproofing them completely is left as an excercise but is reasonably trivial.
Ultimate necro-bump!

I am looking to create this EXACT same thing. I bought my dog an e-collar that can shock, vibrate, and beep; as it turns out my dog is a bit of a pansy and the beep is plenty enough for him! The collar I bought was an el-cheapo made in China plastic POS (you get the idea) and the range isn't great. What I would like is approximately 1km range (although 500m would probably be adequate) and a nice loud buzzer. I'm a machinist by trade and am going to make a nice aluminum enclosure for it on a leather collar (trying to keep it waterproof). I have a tiny bit of experience soldering; is this something that would be fairly simple for a noob like me?

Here are the specs I would like to accomplish:
- 1km ideal range (500m adequate)
- Rechargeable (if this adds a lot of complexity, it can be forgone)
- Simple 1 button remote (I can machine this, just need to figure out how to wire a switch to a RF transmitter)

Is anyone able to point me to the right components? Thanks in advance!
Shoot, really? This is the one I have

It advertises a 300m range (clear line of sight); I thought 500m wouldn't be that much more difficult. Plus removing the shock and vibrate functions would drastically lower the power demands, no?

If I'm totally out to lunch, do you have any suggestions on what I could do? I guess I could always pull apart the collar I have and try to remove the shock and vibrate components...

Edit: This little guy says 500m range: Is it totally bogus?


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... Is it totally bogus?
Totally. I am using the 315MHz version of those exact receivers, but with the key-fob transmitter. With a outdoor half-wave dipole antenna (that won't fit on your dog), and with the pull-up antenna on the transmitter extended, I get about 100m in the open reliably.
433MHz is likely to be worse because that band is more heavily used (at least in my area).
half-wave dipole antenna (that won't fit on your dog)
Lol, that's for sure. Hmmm. Any idea what kind of transmitter/receiver this collar is using? If I can get my hands on that then the switch in the remote and the buzzer in the receiver should be relatively simple.

Also found this guy, but I have no idea if it's the right idea: seems a little complex for the on/off function that I need.

Thanks very much for your help, Mike! Like I said, I'm a complete noob so any contribution is greatly appreciated :)