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I Like To Have A Project On The Remote And Device ; Having 6 Seperate Channel Of Controls .if You Can Help Pls Reply Me.urgent.or If U Have Site Having Circuit Diagram.i like to design rf remote to contol a vehicle with special features
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You will need to be more specific. There are many different ways to control things remotely, some don't even require electronics... Before we get into the 6 channels, let us choose between RF, IR, ultrasonic, or cellphone (popular in Iraq past 7 years...).

RF is probably the toughest, and you would be better off buying ready made off the shelf. Longer range, isn't limited to line of sight.

IR and Ultrasonic aren't too bad, a microcontroller would be a big help with 6 channels, but you could get by with logic chips. Not a lot of distance, need a clear path between transmitter and receiver.

I've never used a cellphone, little concerned about the effects of EMF and brain cancer, and diminished capacity (clearly evident in habitual users...). But, I have seen numerous articles using the 'text' feature to control various home appliances, and we've all seen news stories from Iraq... Using a cellphone, could be pretty much anywhere in the world (not sure if cellphones work on the space station).

To obtain the 6 channels, there are several options as well. Please do more research on what you need, and be more specific as to what you are trying to achieve. What will you be controlling? Simple on/off, variable (dim a light, fan speed), motor position (servo, stepper)?