Remote control solenoid - Help Pls!!!

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I'm building a go-Kart for my daughter based on a 24v motor system from a scooter. What I need help with is that I want to put a remote control solenoid on it that I can operate from afar to flick a kill switch and apply the brakes! I've got a 12v solenoid from a car central locking system to pull on the brakes I just need a way to activate it remotely. I was thinking of a remote control from a toy car, but I assume that the receiver will output a very small current/voltage. How would I use this to operate the solenoid? A relay perhaps? Any help/advice appreciated.

Before anyone says I should not let my daughter drive the kart if she can't control it: she can drive quite well, it's speed limited, we will use it in a safe environment. How else will she learn? It's people walking infront of her or dogs etc that are the worry and I'm an anxious dad!



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This Go Kart you have it looks to be too fast for this child.
First I think you should be VERY careful when you expose very young children to driving Go karts or high torque vehicles at high speeds. Kids can do very unpredictable things... like jumping out or putting the hands in the moving parts of the vehicle and all sorts of crazy stuff.
You should wait for her to be old enough to logically desire if she want to learn how to drive and when and not to force or entice anyone to risky activities even if it looks fun to you.
There are plenty of toy vechicles with press and go or let go and stop pedals at low speeds especially designed for young children.
If your child has an accident you will be 100% responsable.
Now if you want to build a remote controlled actuator to control a solenoid you will need to get an RF transmitter and a driver circuit with maybe some MOSFETs or a Darlinton driver.

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What an insulting response.:mad:
  1. You've no idea of her age so how do you refer to very young children?
  2. You've no idea of the speed of the kart, fact is its variable and currently limited to 3mph, slower than most kids toys you refer to.SO she's not going to be driving a high speed vehicle.
  3. She's not forced or enticed into anything, but offered opportunities which she'll chose to take or not, her choice.
  4. The karts moving parts are FULLY enclosed.
  5. I know I am 100% responsible for her safety thank you.
If I wanted parenting advice I'd have joined a parenting forum. :mad: You probably mean well but i find it most insulting that you would think that as a parent I wouldn't have considered and put first my childs safety.

Problem now solved via an undercar lighting kit remote control with relay, so further repsonses not required thank you.

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I think that adding a remote kill switch is very responsible. There is no reason to assume that a powered vehicle will be faster or more hazardous than a non-powered vehicle such as a bicycle.

Just remember - Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open. Sir James Dewar, Scientist (1877-1925):D

A worthwhile enhancement might be to make the system fail-safe, whereby the vehicle stops if it goes out of range of the transmitter.
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Greetings Chizzer,

I believe that your concern regarding your daughter's safety is both admirable and prudent. I am convinced from your opening post to this thread that you are a responsible parent with nothing but the safety and wellbeing of you offspring in mind.

Were that not the case I am sure you would not have bothered to join and post here in our forum to make sure that you were not taking any action that would place your daughter's safety at risk.

As you know, we live in an increasingly litigious society. This is a fact of life we must all endure.

I am pleased to hear that you have solved your remote over-ride needs and I hope you will not hesitate to return to the forum in the future when you have questions that fall into the area of electronics.

Good Luck,