Relays in led cubes

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  1. ender123

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Hi, Im attempting to make an led cube with arduino. Since there is multiple layers of the cube that act as the ground, I need a way to switch between multiple grounds. I was thinking of attaching each layer to a different latch relay that is controlled by a separate pins that will give the relay voltage thus allowing the circuit to complete and light the led on the specified layer. My question is whether or not a latch relay is the correct part I would want to use for this? would this be the easiest/most-simple way doing this or am I misusing latch relays? Forgive my little knowledge of circuits, im mostly a software guy that is just discovering the complexity of electronics.
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  2. Dodgydave

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    Jun 22, 2012
    Can you draw your circuit out so we can see how it will work?