Regency Radio Direction Finder schematic search!

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Michael Weldon

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I went to the Dayton Ohio Hamcation fleamarket this past weekend. First let me say that every communications geek needs to put that trip on their bucket list!
I found a complete Regency Polaris marine "ADF" unit. Most RF techs would just call them a Doppler RDF.
The thing was made in the stone age of 1981! The nice part is that it works!
As a non boater the marine receiver doesn't do me any good BUT>>> The RDF part of the box has my curiosity tweaked. I have searched the net high and low only to find ONE source of technical information on the NR7100.
The issue at hand is that guy who has the info wants $45 for a schematic and $75 for a manual. Based on the fact that I paid $20 for the entire system, I'm not too keen on shelling out that kind of dough for a piece of paper of which I'm sure is a copy.
I understand the basic idea of how this thing works. I have located a few points of where demodulated audio is sent to the RDF board. What I'd really like to do is remove the marine receiver, separate the RDF circuits from the receiver and inject RX audio from a separate 146 Mhz ham band radio.
Is there anyone out there in the group that might have a link, suggestion or clue as to how I can get a roadmap of this thing without paying the piper his due?

KB2UMJ at ya who dot com