Regarding the possibility of a HF transmitter

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    Sep 4, 2012
    First, I want to make it clear that I have extremely limited knowledge on this subject. I am here to ask whether something is possible or not.

    I want to build a receiver that can detect a transmitter within a couple inches in variance from which it was directed over a distance of around 250-350 ft. Basically, I want to send some kind of signal as straight as possible for as long as possible before dithering. Is this possible?

    Any help is appreciated, and my apologies for it being non-technical.
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    The secret is in the directionality of the antenna and has relatively little to do with the receiver. What frequency range did you have in mind and what kink of power levels are we talking about.

    I don't think "dithering" is what you meant. It is a very specific term applied to feedback control systems and and involves the addition of small amounts of noise to a command input to keep the error signal from going to zero.
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    When you want to do this with RF very high frequencies are used in combination with parabolic mirrors.

    If light can be used, IR or laser will be more appropriate.
    Have a look ath this project:

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