regarding 6v battery charger and 5v output with 500ma

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we need to give battery supply to a device which required 5v /500 mAmp current , for this i planned to go for 6v/4.5 Ah battery but for this we need to charge the battery and even getting the output voltage inboth the situation even throughbattery as well as from mains also , is any buddy can suggest me the best circuit for this ?


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just use a voltage regulator after the battery. And LDO type will work fine in this case. And 500mA is pretty easy to cover.

That will allow you to charge the battery with the 8v (or whatever it may be) to charge the battery, then the voltage regulator will drop it to 5v and keep it steady even after the charger is done charging and the regulator is only getting 6v from the battery.