Reebok RX1000 Treadmill MC-2000 Motor Control Board Problem

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Anyone have a schematic for the MC-2000 motor control board found in a Reebok RX1000 treadmill (and other brand treadmills from ICON Health and Fitness)? The treadmill stopped working and I found the MOSFET was shorted so I replaced it and now the treadmill runs fine unloaded but loaded it runs for a few seconds and then the current sense circuit for the IR2125 MOSFET driver is tripped which shuts down the drive to the motor. Just simply step off the belt and it takes off and runs fine. All surrounding MOSFET circuitry seems fine so it appears maybe the MOSFET driver current sense circuit was damaged as well but I just wanted to get another opinion before replacing it. Any suggestions or ideas on how to test the MOSFET driver to make sure it is really bad? Thanks for the help.