Reducing the Av of a Class A Amp

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Hi there,

I've been asked to apply negative feedback to my class A amp circuit and reduces its Av to a given percentage of its inital value.

I understand I've got to use a bode plotter to help me do this, and I figured that if I need to reduce the gain, then the only way I can do this is by applying negative feedback and altering values of one of my resisitors.

The thing is I'm not really sure how to go about measuring my inital gain and the bode plotter :confused:

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated,

Many thanks



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Look at the Linear Technology web site. They have a free download of SwitcherCad and a Bode plot application.

Make your amp circuit in the cad program, which will let you simulate circuit operation. That way you can see the effects of changing the feedback. The Bode app draws a swept frequency response of the circuit you make in SwitcherCad.