Reducing 25vac to 24vac?

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Hi Gentltemen- I hope someone can help me with what I thought would be a simple problem. I need to reduce 25.2vac (200ma) to approx 24 vac. Can I do this with a resistor? Do I need to rectify first? If so, how? I'm quite the novice when it comes to this sort of thing.

This is for a custom project at my home. The transformer is driving a small solenoid.

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If you know the input impedance of the rest of your circuit, you can use a simple voltage divider i think. I would personally use a transformer to step down the voltage. The only thing a rectifier would do is distort your AC signal. I would reccommend simulating your setup using a EM simulator like Sonnet. It is free. You can simulate your solinoid, and or a homebrew transformer in that.
Here is a link to their page:

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If the transformer output is 25.2 VRMS and is driving a 24VAC solenoid, you shouldn't have to reduce the voltage at all. I doubt that a 5% voltage difference is significant enough, even across temperature, to overheat the solenoid.