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    I found this measage in my inbox. I do not reply on PM questions, specialy those who ask to send the answer to email.
    This is an open forum, so I posted it where it should be.

    HI please I need some help with the folwing example as I dont understand it at all I tryed the inter net but again it's not easy for me to understand it
    Please copy your answer to my hotmail email address

    Half wave rectifire circut
    1. Carry out a transient simulation of the circuit using the default parameters.
    Investigate the effects of varying the reservoir capacitor from its initial small (1uF) value
    up to a value of 1000uF in suitable steps. Plot the results.
    Also investigate the effect of varying the load value (set by R1).
    Plot and sketch the values of the diode current as the load resistor is varied.
    Comment on the following:-
    1. What sets the value of the peak DC output voltage given that the mains is a constant
    230VAC rms.
    2. What causes the difference between the peak secondary voltage and the peak output
    voltage with no reservoir capacitor
    3. What is the relationship between the droop on the output between peaks and the
    values of the reservoir capacitor and the load resistance.
    4. Why is the diode current waveform not a sine wave?

    Here are som circuits with diodes, including the various rectifiers.


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    Thanks a lot for the link and sorry 4 missunderstanding I am just very new member and I dont know where and how to put my quations and wahts more I can not uploade the circur picture can any one tell me how to forward my circut pic to this site
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    How to put pictures on this forum is explained in the FAQ.

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