Recruiting For Hi Tech Jobs On Campus


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well, in Canada the only way to get a job is to know the right person... no amount of education will get you anywhere.
How confident would I feel if that Cyberknife that was over me was made by someone with no education?

I got the job to help design and build the robot arm for the Cyberknife not because I knew someone but because I have the education and proper skill set to do the job right. I have confidence knowing that other people with similar education were responsible for the design.
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It may be a laughable concept (needing a degree to do anything at all), but its not that funny; for me at least. Having no degree banishes you to a realm where its hard to feed yourself & pay the bills at the same time, for most people. I am in at what I conceive to be probably the 80th or 90th percentile of earning without a degree and I still struggle.

Loosie mentioned people doing odd jobs. I've done a few odd jobs here and there; one lasted about 3 weeks, refurbishing/upgrading/installing/synchronizing 3 old machines for a little shady company who couldn't afford to have "real" field application engineer come out and do it. I could maybe (with a whole list of ifs) do this type of thing full time but the problem with doing it full time is that there's no insurance or health care. What if I get my arm cut off and I don't have 275,000$ laying around to have it reattached? Sure you can buy private insurance but would you have any money left over?

I don't think the problem is that we think we're too good to do a job that doesn't require a degree, I think its that with the economy in the shape that its in, and the amount of people out there jockeying for jobs, a degree is one of the easiest filter criteria for companies who are hiring. A computer algorithm (because people don't get involved until the last step) can sift through a virtual stack of applications and automatically file 13 any and all applications without degrees quite efficiently. It doesn't care about the guy with 20+ years of practical experience; that guy probably wants more than they are willing to pay anyways.
I think you missed teh sarcasm in my post. Did I put it on so thick that the sarcasm inverted itself?


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So, the school just goes to "company A" and says "hey guys, I've taken a particular interest in TBayBoy, he seems to be a pretty bright guy" - and then a recruiter from Company A comes up to you out of the blue and invites you out to lunch?
More like company a hosts a lunch with presentation or tour and invites students.