Recording video, converting and storing to a microSD - Dedicated IC?

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    Jan 20, 2012
    Hello all.

    I starting a new project where I need to record video (and optionally audio) with a small camera (no need of high quality video record), convert the video do a known format, like MPEG, AVI or other who require less disk space (mp4, flv etc). I need to store them to a microSD card, hard disk or other storage device (I think that microSd is the easiest way and more practical). The recorded videos will be watched on a PC when required, by removing the storage from the electronic device and connecting it to a PC.

    My doubt is: Which dedicated ICs could be used to to the job of reading the camera frames (and maybe a mic), convert the camera frames to a known format (avi, mpeg etc) and store it as a movie file in the SDcard or hard disk???

    An IC triggered by a microcontroler would be great. Or maybe a development board with all necessary components assembled (camera, mic, converter IC, microcontroller, microsd device and others). Somebody know a dev board who do that?

    I'm searching for such ICs. I can buy all the necessary components for this project on DIGIKEY (preferentially), because every month I buy some components from them.

    CAMERA + MIC (optional) <----> DEDICATED IC??? <----> MICROSD CARD or HARD DISK

    Preferentially, the dedicated IC will have IO pins to communicate with a microcontroller and could do the following:
    - Interface with a camera and a MIC (optional)
    - Convert the camera frames to a know video format (avi, mpeg, etc)
    - Store video file in the microSD card or hard disk

    The dedicated IC could be also substituted by a video encoder + video compressor, in separeted ICs.

    Somebody have suggestions of dedicated ICs for this project?
    Or maybe some easier methods to implement this project?

    Thanks in advance.
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    sounds like a digital camera hack project.