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    Bertus, Mods and Admins,
    Is there a current recomended component list for the AAC text series? Assuming you did all of the experiments and sample circuits in the texts and did not reuse any of the components on other projects or demonstrations. Just wondered if there was a recomended selection or source to obatin a complete set of the components used through out the series. That would be a perfect addition to every learners need to do the practicle exercises to gain technique and circuit assembly skills to go with the parctical theory and under lying technical considerations. You could package them by text book name and experiment or drawing number. Just wondering out loud again. Thoughts, pro's, con's, plusses, minuses?
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    Thanks for the great link Bertus, But that wasn't exactly what I meant. I was looking for a text book component list for the AAC series. Each drawing or illustration would have a little baggie with the needed parts for that particular demonstration or project. For instance when they are discussing a transistor as a switch and show a diagram and wiring scheme, a little bag would contain all of the parts to connect that circuit exactly as drawn in the text. Next circuit or next demonstration would again have a seperate baggie with the parts to perform that experiment or project also. That would be a great learning tool and ultimatly give a great start to establishing a usable bench stock when branching out on circuits of your own. From my understanding of how electronics work, I can continue to add different working circuits to the mix until I have a board that does exactly what I want it to do. Obviously consideration would have to be paid to voltages and technical linking issues like impedance, power needs and compatibilty . Just thinking out loud how to get more students to do every experiment in the series. If you completed every experiment or exercise you will be well versed in circuit building and parts value selection. I think that would definately be a great help to the texts as a whole. It really helped me when I did the experiments, but waiting for the correct part to arrive was a little time consuming and frustrating. Thanks for being such a great mentor and teacher...
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    I think making such a collection of parts would be a really time consuming task. My guess is that there are only a very small number of people that would be interested in such a collection, which would in turn would make the kit of parts pretty expensive.