Recommended books for FET theory for Audio Design

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Lou Rossi

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Hello All,

New to the website. What a great resource! Can any of you please recommend a good book that discusses the operational theory and applications for the various types of FETs? I am only concerned about the audio band at this point. I'd like to learn how to properly bias JFETs and MOSFETs for audio pre-, and power-amplifier applications.

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Lou Rossi


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Fets don't work very well for audio. They are non-linear and cause distortion.
They are used in switching class-D power amplifiers where they work well.

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Lou Rossi

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Thank you for your reply audioguru. And I certainly should have been more specific about my goals. I am working on a distortion / overdrive effect box for guitar (please don't tell me there are a million great ones out there already as I know this). So, at least in my case, distortion is welcome! But I want to start from the most linear class-A circuits I can come up with before I start tweaking for distortion.


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books i've read and would recommend

electronic devices and circuit theory (boylestad,nashelsky)
electronic devices (floyd)

both cover jfet amplifiers, the floyd book is easier to understand however.


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Motorola Applications Notes are very good here, try

AN 231 FET differential amplifiers
AN 462 FET current regulators
AN 511 Low Frequency applications of Field-Effect transistors

The book, 'Field Effect Electronics', by Gosling, Townsend and Watson is old but also very comprehensive is design equations.

Most modern texts on Semiconductors and Devices contain reasonable introductions at lower depth.

Electronic devices and circuit theory - Boylestad
Principles of electronics - Fortney
Electronic Devices and Circuits - Bogart

Finally the Linsley-Hood books, the 'Art of Linear Electronics' and 'Audio Circuits' contain many useful tips, configurations and so on.