Recommendations for easy circuit drawing software

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I'm new to this forum. Does anyone have a recommendation for any FREE/shareware software that would run on a MacBook, "Snow Leopard" operating system that could be used to draw simple circuit diagrams ?

Once upon a time, McDraw would have sufficed !

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As already mentioned, QUCS:

Also please check out the FEL - Fedora Electronics Lab here:

This is a bootable Fedora Linux distro that is aimed at EDA. Qucs is part of this distribution. You can download the FEL 14 or 15 iso, and burn it to a DVD. Then run FEL from the DVD and check out the EDA packages, without having to install to your hard drive. I think Mac OS is a linux derivative anyway.

You can get the DVD iso for FEL 32 bit from here:


and here:


If your machine is 64 bit, then just go up the directory tree and back down the x86_64 branch :)

There are some nice QUCS tutorials on youtube as well. The learning curve for QUCS is very qiuck, as it is a very intuitive program to use.