receiver and transmitter that detect threads

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I want to do a project that will detect the threads in the wire
The wire has one input one output and some threads
I want to put in the input 8 number a-synchronic serial code (I know what I put in the input) and in the output I want to decode this code and I know what I receive.
With this two data that I know (input code and output code) I want to design an algorithm that will detect the threads in the wire


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The term 'threads' is confusing for most readers. Are these electricity conductors, or the kind of stuff pants and shirts are made from?

A picture would be very helpful.


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or does threads=packets ?

Sounds to me like you want to create your own transmission protocol/handshaking...

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Thanks beenthere,
I know that I need to involved hardware, I don't have a schema because I don't design it, I will glad if you can help me to know what electronics components I can use in the electronic circuit


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It would seem to me that by simply reading the manufacturer's code and such information on the cable jacket would give you what you need. I can't really imagine how to make a checker - unless you will always be using 8 conductor cable and you need to tell if each conductor is shorted/open?


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Do you want someone to do your electronics homework for you...?

I can think of one way to do this, albeit, very long winded: You could have a microcontroller with a stored table of numbers. The micro knows the length of the wire, that is input to it, and it also knows the gauge of wire (SWG/AWG/whatever.) It knows the inductance of a single, thick piece of wire. It could then measure the parallel inductances of several strands of the wire, which would be lower than one thick strand. With a great inaccuracy, it may be able to tell you the number of threads to within ±50%. :eek: